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How Does Memo Help?

Memo shoes are of the highest quality, orthopaedic shoes made of natural materials for children. Memo shoes are constructed with heel stiffeners and high upper to give substantial support providing much greater stability.The unique diagnostic function is provided by the monitoring systme within the Memo sole. The design has evolved over many years of construction and technology and is recognised by sepcialists as an effective method of preventing and treating the most common postural defects.

Memo System:

  • Maximises foot comfort, The highest quality materials are used. Natural hygroscopic materails make the shoe breath and avoid the feet sweating.
  • It monitors the condition of the childrens feet.
  • Memo shoes are preventative.
  • Memo shoes are diagnostic.

Memo shoes can be worn with Inserts and if required orthotics such as AFO and DAFO although in most cases due to the Memo system stiffeners and high upper orthotics are not necessary.

Diagnosic Specifications

To see our Memo Diagnostic System please click here to go to our diagnostics page.

Medically Registered Product

Memo Footwear is a medically registered product and has Declaration Of Conformity CE mark. This is for MEMO DIAGNOSTIC – CORRECTIVE FOOTWEAR. START ,SPORT, CLASSIC, TRENDY, ACTIVE.

It is hereby declaredthat the medical devices listed above are medical devices of first class, rule 1, which answer to primary requirements of the directive 93/42/EEC, annex VII

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